Thanksgiving Go-To

Ok, so this is a fluffy post.

But Thanksgiving is like a day away, and I’m about to hit the grocery store so I can prepare  my contributions to the big meal we will be sharing at my parents’ house this year.  My mom actually told me to just bring the heavy duty Chinet plates and that would be sufficient… What?  I can’t show up with just that!  Are you kidding me?  It just goes against my upbringing or nature or something.  So I’m cooking.  Some of this will make it over to my mom’s house, and some of it will be just for us to enjoy with the turkey leftovers. These are recipes that are tried and true.  My must makes.  If we were hosting this year there would be the usual sweet potatoes, dressing, pumpkin pie, but I’m not, so this is all I’m making!

First up is Green Beans with Shallots, Bacon, and Mushrooms.  Let me just say I’ve never even cared for green beans.  That was until I made this recipe.  It is delicious, and whenever I make it, there is none to carry over to another meal.

Second is The Pioneer Woman’s Mashed Potatoes.  I like these bc I make them a day ahead, they are so tasty, and they have a little Lawry’s seasoned salt in them.  Not too much to be spicy for anyone, but just gives it a little more flavor.

Next is just Sticky Turkey Rub.  This I actually often make on chicken.  But David likes it so much he has requested that I make this on the Thanksgiving turkey each year. If you plan to use it on a turkey, be sure to adjust the measurements in proportion to the size of bird.

Finally, two dessert recipes: French Coconut Pie and Pecan Pie Bars.  Again, I have never even liked coconut!  But this pie is just amazing.  But be warned, it is also very rich.  And it is also very easy.


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